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Community Schools Partnership

The Community Schools Partnership (CSP) initiative was established by Surrey Schools in 2007 to provide targeted programming, support, and resources to children, youth, and their families who face barriers to accessing programs and supports before, during and after school.  Community Schools collaborates in partnership with district departments, community agencies and partners to deliver enriching learning programs that are innovative and aligned with the BC Ministry of Education Curricular Competencies

  • Check and Connect Attendance Programs
  • Lunchtime Programs 
  • Out of School Time (OST) Programs that extend learning focused on: 
    • Physical Literacy
    • Social and Emotional Learning
    • Adapted Programs
    • First Peoples Principles
    • Leadership & Mentoring Opportunities
  • Parent Engagement 
  • Summer and Spring Break Camps 
  • Community Outreach Services

Community Schools programs are supported by generous donations from many organizations. Please visit the district’s Business Development department for more details about our donors and partners. To discuss opportunities to partner with Community Schools Partnership, please contact us. 

Community Schools Vision:

We aspire to create an environment for our children and families to connect, learn and thrive.


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