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Early Learning

Early learning "… refers to the emerging and expanding of young children's physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and creative capacities ... Early learning is the foundation for lifelong learning…" 

~B.C. Early Learning Framework


We offer a variety of rich learning opportunities that support early learning and healthy development for young children, from birth through a child’s entry into Kindergarten. Our initiatives highlight the importance of early literacy and numeracy learning including vibrant oral language and inquiry to support critical and creative thinking.  We also celebrate and uphold the importance of healthy adult and peer relationships, exploring nature’s capacity to teach us, and play-based learning environments that foster safe, inclusive spaces where children’s early development is supported across all areas – linguistic, physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being.

Early years opportunities include StrongStart at 24 different schools throughout the district. There is no cost for caregivers and their children to attend. For more information and to register, please visit the StrongStart Registration page

In the spring there will be various Kindergarten transition events and information sessions offered throughout the district. This information will be shared once your child has registered for Kindergarten at their neighbourhood school.

If you have questions about the early years, child care or transitions into Kindergarten, please contact Leah Christensen, District Principal.

Please refer here for information about independently run preschool and childcare programs operating in schools throughout the district.

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