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Research & Evaluation

The Research & Evaluation Department at Surrey Schools

The Research and Evaluation department supports the District with the following initiatives:

  • Enhanced Student Learning Report
  • Ministry and District standardized assessment i.e. Foundations Skills Assessment (FSA), Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI), Student Learning Survey (SLS) 
  • Employee Wellness, Inner City Early Learning, ELPATS, Social Emotional Learning & Leads
  • Internal and External Research Application review and approval
  • Development of data collection tools and support with analysis and meaning making

Conducting Research with the District

Surrey School District values research that contributes to improved educational outcomes for students. All individuals and organizations interested in conducting research in the District must have their proposals reviewed and approved by the office of Research and Evaluation. The District is particularly interested in research related to BC's redesigned curriculum: and the District's priority practices:

What does the district consider as research?

The District defines research as data-based investigation using rigorous, systematic and objective methodologies to obtain reliable and valid knowledge. This requires: (1) systematic design and process, (2) freedom from bias, (3) methods appropriate to the questions posed and (4) interpretation consistent with findings.  Research activities include but are not limited to, the use of tests or other forms of assessment, checklists, paper or online surveys, questionnaires, interviews, audio or video recordings, and observation when these are not part of classroom instruction and evaluation. 

Who can submit an application to conduct research?

Applications to conduct research that will benefit students and the district, either directly or indirectly, will be accepted from individuals completing degree programs, university or college faculty members, institutions, agencies, foundations, and various levels of government. 

What are the research review criteria?

On receipt of an application, the proposed research study will be reviewed by the Research & Evaluation department for the following:

a) Relevance: research will contribute to the field of educational practice.
b) Risks and benefits for participants: sufficient information to allow for a sound decision to be made on behalf of students and families, including sensitivity of questions, consent procedures and the methodology used.
c) Privacy: diligent provision for confidentiality or anonymity, including storage and eventual disposal of data collected.
d) Assessments: sufficient information about the validity and reliability of the instrument to make a decision about use.
e) Intrusiveness: amount of classroom time required, staff involvement, or requests for other special arrangements.
f) Scope: Proposed contact group, number of participants and schools or district offices involved.
g) Timing: sensitivity to busy periods of the school year, such as year end, exam period, or during major assessments.

How much time does the research review take?

Applications are reviewed on a continuous basis. It is recommended that applications are submitted 6 weeks prior to desired data collection date.

Where do I submit my research application?

Submit your research application along with supporting documents by emailing our office:

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