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Transitions are changes or movement from one stage to another, at significant points in our students’ lives. Transitions can be disruptive at times, and as a result, require the provision of extra care and attention to student needs, which in turn inform the district’s practices and supports.

The Surrey School District is committed to helping students transition from grade-to-grade, school-to-school, to graduation, and beyond. The district examines grade-to-grade transitions with a focus on movement from Gr. 9 to 10, Gr. 10 to 11, and Gr. 11 to 12.  

The Ministry of Education collects data on these transitions and the Research and Evaluation Department supports the district through analyzing and reporting on the transition rates of Surrey students. Our researchers build reports tracking how students are moving between grades as well as how transition rates compare to past years. 

This data, reported on by our researchers, is used by the district to inform decision making, assist in developing appropriate instructional strategies, and identify how to best support our students’ successful transitions along their education path.

List of Transitions Initiatives:

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Check & Connect Program


Surrey Blended Learning Survey

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