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Anna-Maria Karout

Sr. Research Analyst
Numeracy Initiatives and Flexible Learning Environment Initiative

Asma Afreen

Sr. Research Analyst
Responding to Readers Project and Literacy Learning Initiative

Kate Morrison

Sr. Research Analyst
Social and Emotional Learning Lead Initiative and French Immersion

Matthew Waugh

Senior ManagerEnhancing Students Learning Report, Check and Connect Program and Employee Wellbeing Initiative

Rachel Cristobal

District Office Clerk
Research and Evaluation, Science, PHE and ADST 

Sajjid Budhwani

Sr. Research AnalystTransitions Initiatives, Geospatial Research, Data Mapping and Visualization

Additional contact information1701884833081.png


Christy Northway

Assistant Superintendent


Kathy Puharich

Director of Instruction, Priority Practices

 1701885926818.png 604-595-6437

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