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Careers 10 to 12

Pursuing Preferred Futures in Career-Life Development

In grades 10-12, students further refine personal career-life development goals through experiential learning, cultivating community connections, gathering evidence of learning, and reflecting on skill development. They explore post-graduation possibilities in diverse educational, work, and personal life contexts and build the personal career-life management skills needed to effectively pursue who they want to be in the world. Career-Life Education (CLE) and Career-Life Connections (CLC) are part of the graduation requirements, and Career-Life Connections includes a career-life exploration component and a capstone.

For many students, contemplating career-life possibilities becomes prominent for the first time during grades 10-12. The Career Education curriculum in grades 10-12 encourages students to move from exploring various career-life possibilities and practicing employability skills to applying their self-knowledge and career-life strategies in various contexts.


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