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Career Curriculum


A person's career is considered their "journey" through life, and the Career Education curriculum offers students the opportunity to pursue this journey in personally meaningful and goal-oriented ways. Career-life development is the ongoing process of self-discovery, growth in competence, and learning from experiences in educational, work-related, and personal life contexts.

The Career Education curriculum supports students in becoming successful, educated citizens by helping them learn how to effectively manage their life journey toward preferred future possibilities. This area of learning requires students to identify and develop their personal interests, passions, and competencies. Students reflect on learning experiences in school and community, build confidence through their contributions, and explore multiple career-life roles and choices. The curriculum fosters lifelong learning, beginning in kindergarten and continuing through to graduation and beyond.

The Surrey Schools Career Department offers many areas of study to provide students opportunities to explore potential career paths in personal, individual, meaningful, and goal-oriented ways. While some of the delivery models vary from school to school, the department members access innovative methods with the desire to engage students with this curriculum.

The adventure of this explorative journey is enhanced within the career education curriculum. These opportunities cross all grade levels from kindergarten to grade 12.  

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