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Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Ian McGennis Principal
Teresa Beck Vice Principal
Simone Bola Vice Principal
Zina Aburegeba Teacher
Parvinder Bains Teacher
Allison Bowie Teacher
Neelam Brach Teacher
Karen Carmichael Teacher
Brenda Ceccon Teacher
Debbie Darling Teacher
Mandeep Dhaliwal Teacher
Jasmin Dhillon Teacher
Sumanpal Dhillon Teacher
Loreta Di Curzio Teacher
Alex Dudley Teacher
Blake Erickson Teacher
Pierre Fauchon Teacher
Amanda Ghag Teacher
Alexandra Ginther Teacher
Patsy Goto Teacher
Sarah Guilmant-Smith Teacher Librarian
Mariam Hazhir Teacher
Michelle Hendy Teacher
Tasha Hill Teacher
Christopher Ho Teacher
Lindsay Hutchison Teacher
Josh Jensen Teacher
Tamara Jensen Teacher
Twyla Kameka Teacher
Jassi Kang Teacher
Jarret Kaufman Teacher
Irina Krawchuk Teacher
Jordan L'Abbe Teacher
Neelu Lally Teacher
Rachelle Lit Teacher
Lisa Lo Teacher
Anna Lundkvist Teacher
Lisa Mccann Teacher
Monica Mcmahon Teacher
Danielle McMartin Teacher
Anja McPhail Inter-Agency Teacher
Chris Milne Teacher
Caitlin Nelson Teacher
Rebecca Nickel Teacher
Tim O'Donnell Teacher
Marc Officer Teacher
William Pilgrim Teacher
Karan Pooni Teacher
Nathanael Powell Teacher
Paul Rai Teacher
Chris Randing Teacher
Gillian Russell Teacher
Jasmine Sandal Teacher
Prabjot Sandhu Teacher
Sibylle Sandvoss Teacher
Taylor Sarchet Teacher
Braeden Saucy Teacher
Altaf Shaikh Teacher
Nilum Sidhho Teacher
Cheryl Sidhu Teacher
Rich Stephenson Teacher
Jenessa Stobbs Teacher
Chris Stolz Teacher
Janis Tancowny Teacher
Ackie To Teacher
Harpreet Toor Teacher
Colin Vandevyvere Teacher
James Walbourne Teacher
Eric Wong Teacher
Donna Yakubowski Teacher
Rebecca Yaniv Teacher
Farana Ali Education Assistant I
Rochelle Ali Education Assistant II
Julie Bowser Education Assistant I
Diane Carter Education Assistant I
Khushdip Dhaliwal Education Assistant
Kuldeep Dhaliwal Education Assistant I
Aman Jatana Education Assistant I
Arvinder Kaur Education Assistant I
Kiran Prasad Education Assistant I
Alpana Soodhan Education Assistant I
Rebecca Speer Education Assistant I
Kittie Wong Education Assistant I
Edward Parsotam Custodian
Gary Bengco Child/Youth Care Worker
Ratna Chand Caretaker
David Chandra Caretaker
Kiranjeet Cheema B.A.S.E.S.
Tahreem Chohan Supervision Aide
Jasmine Choi B.A.S.E.S.
Jaswant Dhaliwal Sr. Head Care
Sandy Dhillon Supervision Aide
Maria Doucet Clerk Typist
Roberta Farquhar Teaching Chef
Laurie Filmer Head Caretaker
Jordan Gee Learner Support Team
Theresa Glanville Head Secretary
Rajdeep Hansra Learner Support Team
David Harding B.A.S.E.S.
Hanna Hayre Learner Support Team
Zoya Inayatullah B.A.S.E.S.
Nagina Jabeen B.A.S.E.S.
Helen Jutla Counsellor
Jose Lazaro Culinary Assistant
Jennifer Lynn Clerk Typist
Linh Lyons Secondary School Clerk
Debora Mackenzie Career Development Facilitator
Tara Miles Counsellor
Jonathan Mubanda Safe School Liaison
Bonnie Obra Caretaker
Jason Onhasey Aba Support Worker
George Paille Career Development Facilitator
Luisa Parente Career Resource Assistant
Rita Shahi Learner Support Team
Rachel Shin Learner Support Team
Meghan Takhar Learner Support Team
Virender Virdi Caretaker
Jeanette Wise Child/Youth Care Worker
Connia Wong Information Management Clerk
Arley Zamma Counsellor

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