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Clubhouse 36 keeps kids connected outside the classroom


The district’s Clubhouse 36 after-school program is a crucial support for at-risk and vulnerable elementary students, made possible by the generosity of dedicated donors like the Sedin Family Foundation, Conconi Family Foundation, Bosa Foundation, and Westland Insurance who understand the significance of connection among kids, community and adult mentors.

With students now back at school, the need for social and emotional connections is top-of-mind, and Clubhouse 36 is one way to foster friendships among kids 6 to 12. The program provides an encouraging and nurturing environment for kids to build confidence and self-esteem through social and emotional support as well as sport, art, peer mediation, leadership and academic learning.

“Clubhouse 36 is such an integral program to the wellbeing of our students,” said Vanessa Seco, acting manager for Business Development. “It offers kids the opportunity to try new activities, explore new passions and interests, develop future goals and increase their independence. The funding from our donors makes all of these benefits a possibility for many of our students in need.”


Now in its seventh year, the program provides skills development activities for students two days per week during the school year and full-day programming during spring and summer breaks. Last year, Clubhouse 36 offered programming for 140 students at Holly Elementary, Lena Shaw Elementary and Georges Vanier Elementary.

“Clubhouse is a staple program in these three schools, said Meredith Verma, manager of Community-Schools Partnership. “The support that these donations provide allows children to gain access to after-school programs, trips into the community and connection to the program staff, which builds a strong foundation of connection to the school community”

School staff identify students who they feel would benefit from participating in Clubhouse 36 and consider students who require additional support with social skills and building friendships, complex home lives, low socioeconomic backgrounds and who could benefit from extra connection. Outreach workers engage with students and serve as positive role models, providing safe interaction, enriching activities, memorable experiences and feelings of inclusivity.

The program regularly includes games literacy and numeracy activities, science explorations, movement and fitness, life skills instruction, art and crafts as well as healthy snacks and conversations around healthy habits. It also benefits from the contributions of many community partners who donate sessions to give students a chance to try a wide range of new things including Urban Safari Rescue Society, Rise Up Ball and Thrive Youth.

“The impact that after-school programs have on our students at Lena Shaw is incredible,” said Lena Shaw Elementary principal Sean Chambers. “Students need a place that they can call their own to build relationships with one another and have an environment where they can explore and learn new skills.

“Our after-school programs are essential, not only for our school but, most importantly, for our students. They are a significant protective factor in ensuring students are safe during after-school hours, engaged in their school and community, and feel a sense of belonging.”

For more information, visit the Clubhouse 36 page. To donate in support of Clubhouse 36 or any of our other programs, click here.

Thank you to all of our amazing donors!

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